For as long as I can remember I have had a love of,

and a deep connection to crystals. As a child I was 

deeply drawn to their energy and sparkle, and i would 

watch the light glint in their structure and form. As the years

passed, I amassed quite a collection of Earth's gems, crystals

of all shapes and sizes. I would often look into them, hold them

in my hands. I could perceive their energy, their moods. They all

had their own personalities. Of course I had then, and I do still

to this day, my favourites. Some for their beauty, and others for their

duty to our work together. My crystals work with me, they communicate

their energies to me, to allow me to prepare for my crystal healing sessions. 

Crystals amplify, sometimes greatly, the divine healing energies I channel to

my patients. Gentle, yet powerful energy is channeled intuitively and intelligently by the crystal to help balance and heal the body in accordance with its highest good and healing requirement. Experience this for yourself. Contact me to to arrange a consultation and appointment.

I W O N A   M A J E W S K A

C R Y S T A L   H E A L E R

T H E   S O U R C E

There are many kinds of healing to help all aspects of your wellbeing. The basis of all healing is love. Love is the key to creating a happy and harmonious state of being. No matter whether your body, or mind, is feeling out of balance, healing can help you to feel whole again. Crystals are the purest and most beautiful tools that Mother Earth has given us. They have been around for much longer than any human and poses incredible power within them. Working with crystals is a privilege and I use them to enhance the power of the universe and bring love and healing to human kind.

T H E   C R Y S T A L S

To learn a little more about my Crystal healing technique, and the crystals themselves follow the Learn More link below ;-

Clear Quartz

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