and  T H E   C H A K R A S

Crown Chakra

Found just above the top of the head is our connection to the whole of creation. When out of balance can make us feel that something isn't right, confusion, mental and phisical coordination difficulties, exhaustion, boredom. Crystals are used here to bring this chakra to balance and help us see things in a wider context, focus our mind and be more intuitive. 

Third Eye Chakra

Found at the centre of the forehead, between the eyebrows, responsible for understanding of the row information received from our sense organs and its analysis, planning and memorising. This chakra reflects who we are and how we see ourselves in this world. When out of balance, it can make us drift off to fantasy and delusion. Crystals are used here to bring grounding and balance bringing us back to reality and alignment with the rest of our chakras. 

Throat Chakra

Found at the base of the throat helps us with  communication, expression of emotions and ideas. When out of balance we struggle to say what we think, feel withdrawn and isolated or talk excessively being scared of silence but not actually communicating any real feelings or truth . It can lead to sore throat, muscle stiffness in neck, shoulders and jaw, lethargy or hyperactivity, headaches. Crystals are used here to help clear the communication channel, bring confidence with expressing our feelings, emotions and creativity. It brings back balance and flow of communicated energy within our body and into the world.  

Heart Chakra

Found at the centre of the chest is the absolute key to our wellbeing and flow of life energy. When out of balance it can make us feel lost within our purpose in life, self doubt, need for constant reassurance. It can lead to being emotionally cold and cruel or having the desperate need to help others leading to self-sacrifice. Crystals are used here to bring the sense of calm, clarity and tolerance towards others. It can bring reassurance of our purpose and the ability to stand our own ground. 

Solar Plexus Chakra

Found between the base of the rib cage and the navel acts as a central control panel which decides how to best use the energy received from the universe within our physical body. When out of balance it can cause problems with digestive system, skin, immune and autoimmune system, nervous system. We can feel anxiety, stress, insecurity, lack of confidence, nervousness. Crystals are used here to help reduce stress, improve relaxation and bring back joy and sense of humour which are signs of balanced Solar Plexus

Sacral Chakra

Found on the lower abdomen between the navel and the pubic bone is responsible for helping us enjoy our life as humans and create deep emotional responses and attachments. When out of balance it can make us feel anxiety, anger, frustration, on physical level it can manifest as lower back pain, difficult periods, impotence, sexual tension. Crystals are used here to balance this chakra and help to release build up toxins, stress, blocks and trauma

Base Chakra

Found at the lower end of the spine it is the primary source of energy in times of danger, it helps us stay in line with the reality.Crystal layouts are used here to centre and ground this chakra to stabilise our physical system and prevent our energy from depletion. On physical level balancing this chakra can help with blood circulation, leg movement and coordination.



3RD EYE CHAKRA            -     AMETHYST


HEART CHAKRA               -     AVENTURINE


SACRAL CHAKRA              -     CARNELIAN

BASE CHAKRA                   -     RED JASPER


Crystal wands are a very powerful way to introduce healing energies into the auric field and the subtle bodies. I use them to draw out imbalances and tensions.When working with areas of deep pain, I use wands to help relax and reduce the discomfort. Wands are very effective and gentle on the auric field, which allows me to work on potential issues that have not even manifested in the physical body.​


I use crystal spheres to clear blocks around chakras. Spheres smooth surface helps to draw out any negativity and stagnant energy and defuse the positive energy into the auric field.


The use of Crystal Pendulum has a long history. The most popular way is to get 'yes' or 'no' answers to questions. I use it to help me identify how long I need to keep certain crystals or crystal layouts on physical body. I also use it to cleanse and balance the aura.