I W O N A   M A J E W S K A

C R Y S T A L   H E A L E R

Why Crystals

Why Crystals

When you hold a crystal you are immediately connecting with the forces that shaped this planet and the stars. Crystals have been around for much longer than any human being and today’s scientific discoveries into the properties of crystals led humankind to start using them in computers, car engines, lasers and even space shuttles.

There is no doubt that the crystal energy is very powerful and there is still a lot to be discovered as to how those energies work, nevertheless every single one of my clients feels the energy flow and therefore we can be convinced of their power. Knowing how to use crystals in healing can bring amazing   results.

What is crystal healing

What is crystal healing

Healing of the aura using mother earth’s purest product – crystals. When we think about healing we usually think of our physical body, aches and ailments. We often forget about healing of the mind and emotions. When you worry a lot or you live in fear, after a while the worry can start to manifest its discomfort causing imbalance and potentially a deterioration in health or correct organ function.

The truth is that everything that is manifesting in our physical body starts as a thought that then becomes an emotion. Our extended bodies’ health is as important to us as our physical health. Crystal energy works in a powerful way upon our auric field to help balance our energies and emotions, and in turn brings a sense of deep relaxation and calm.

My Treatments

I offer a beautiful gentle crystal healing treatment, which encompasses a number of healing steps.  A typical healing treatment will include cleansing, clearing and healing the auric field assisted by using Aura Soma pomanders, chosen by the client. The next stage involves balancing, followed by energizing of the chakras using a range of crystal tools.

Crystal spheres, wands, discs and raw crystal clusters are used to create various healing layouts. Universal healing flows throughout the crystal healing treatment bringing energies as required by the patient for their greater good and in accordance with, and consideration of any request that may have been made prior to commencement of the healing

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